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Anchor Editor Fired

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Thanks again to AngelsDefendUs, who has posted on Joel Davidson’s firing here and here.  You can read the details–hazy as they are–over there.  I would like to highlight the chronology of events as seen via the article that got Joel fired.

1. November 2010: Joel Davidson pens an article about Planned Parenthood’s participation at the Mitzvah Mall [NB: Mitzvah = “good deed”], a popular holiday bazaar run by Congregation Beth Shalom, Anchorage’s Reform Jewish Community.  In that article, Joel erroneously reports that Planned Parenthood will be accepting donations for abortions, as they have done elsewhere as part of their “Choice on Earth” campaign.  [NB: this article was subsequently pulled from the Anchor website.]

2. November 28, 2010: Catholic News Agency (CNA) features Joel’s article on its website.

3. December 1, 2010: Joel corrects the error, and reports that Planned Parenthood will accept donations at the Mitzvah Mall to pay for “birth control, educational opportunities, and other services,” but not abortion.  Both CNA and Joel immediately run corrected versions of the article, entitled in the Anchor “CORRECTION: Planned Parenthood to participate in Alaska holiday bazaar, but gifts can’t pay for abortions.”  Other than the headline and the relevant text, the article is substantially the same as the one that ran  in the Anchor in November, and includes a link to the Mitzvah Mall’s website.

4. December 3, 2010: The Anchor runs a headline entitled “Catholics, Jews, and Evangelicals Join Forces to Provide Meals for the Needy.”  There is no article, but a color picture appears with a caption crediting Congregation Beth Shalom as helping St. Patrick’s and Catholic Socal Services to assemble 1,000+ meals for the Thanksgiving holiday.

5. December 15, 2010: Joel Davidson is fired.

More to come.


Of Guadalupe, Episcopal Ordinations, and Adrian Dominicans.

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Hat-tip to Joe at Defend-Us-In-Battle for bringing to light this forthcoming abomination.  Joe has followed up his superlative initial post with a second post about authentic ecumenism.  Rather than plowing old ground, here we will discuss why Our Lady of Guadalupe was the natural choice for such scandal.

Sr. Lorraine Reaume, O.P., is the “Pastoral Associate” at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  Among her other duties, she is a board member of AFACT and regularly preaches homilies during Sunday Mass.  This latter action directly contradicts Canon Law, which states that the homily is “part of the liturgy itself and is reserved to a priest or deacon”.  Tellingly, Sr. Lorraine is an Adrian Dominican Sister, which warrants a further discussion.

Adrian Dominican sisters currently occupy some significant seats of power at the Chancery, as Sr. Jackie Stoll, O.P. is the driving force behind the Safe Environment Training mandated for all Archdiocesan employees and volunteers, and Sr. Ann Fallon, O.P., is the superintendent of Archdiocesan schools.  And these sisters do some very good work, especially as pertains to the Corporal Works of Mercy.  For example, the Anchorage Liberal News ran a front-page Sunday feature on Sr. Jackie venturing out onto the streets of Anchorage to care for the homeless earlier this year.

However, it must needs be said the theology of the Adrian Dominicans is deeply flawed, with a tendency towards gnosticism and witchcraft.  This post over at Living His Life Abundantly pretty well sums up the occult dabblings of many of the Adrian Dominicans.  For further reading, check out Ecospirituality or a pagan Summer Solstice celebration in California (where “yin, the feminine principle of the Earth Goddess, is born and begins to wax strong”) — all of which are linked to from the Adrian Dominican home website.  And it would be remiss not to mention that Adrian Dominicans stood in solidarity with Planned Parenthood in promoting 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.

Now I do not know where Sr. Lorraine stands on all these issues.  Perhaps she disagrees with her fellow sisters.  But here are the facts:

1. Sr. Lorraine regularly preaches the homily at Our Lady of Guadalupe, an act of disobedience to the law of the Church.

2. The Adrian Dominican sisters are inclined to heresy.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a heretical woman-bishop is welcomed to conduct an “ordination” at Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Because “it is the duty of all bishops to promote and to safeguard the unity of faith and the discipline common to the whole Church” (Lumen Gentium 23), it is our opinion that Archbishop Schwietz would do much to safeguard the unity of the Church in his archdiocese by cancelling this confusing abuse of a consecrated space.  Moreover, because “religious should carefully consider that through them, the Church truly wishes to give an increasingly clearer revelation of Christ” (Lumen Gentium 46), we further suggest that Sr. Lorraine cease and desist her unauthorized preaching, and clearly state that she brooks no part with witches, ecospirituality, or the evils of Planned Parenthood.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Catholic Siskel and Ebert. Thumbs Pending.

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Catholic blogophiles may have seen this link over at National Catholic Register billing two Catholic film critics, David DiCerto and Steven Greydanus, as the Catholic version of Siskel and Ebert Lean Hisskill and Codger Eggbert.  I’m reluctantly optimistic, and here’s why.  We need Catholic film critics.  But at this stage of gross malformation of the American faithful, we need fewer pundits that help moviegoers “make informed judgments about what films are appropriate for them and their families,” and more saints who declare “If you withdraw from theaters and go to church, you have cured the lame foot.”  I am aware that Mr. Greydanus does not like this message.  I do not like it much myself either, because I like movies.  But my likes and dislikes cannot overcome the fact that most of the stuff on the screen these days is not worth risking your soul to see.

Granted, this is a hard message for a film critic to deliver, not in the least because he’s got bills to pay and children who need clothes.  Actively campaigning against watching most (not all) movies at the local cineplex is a Catch-22 for any movie lover, much less a professional critic.  If he’s a failure at such a campaign, he loses credibility as a critic.  If he’s successful, he eventually eliminates the demand for film critics like himself.  The Catholic film critic’s situation is not dissimilar to the dilemma facing the politically conservative bureaucrat in our rapidly expanding Federal government.  Sure, the Constitution only allows the Federal government to own land for the purpose of erecting forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings — but is a man working for the National Park Service going to point this out at the expense of losing his job, or at least calling its very legitimacy into question?

The godly film critic and the honest bureaucrat are caught between Scylla and Charybdis.  I propose to give them a little breathing room by explaining why and how Catholics should avoid going to the movie theatre in most cases, while cultivating a genuine film counterculture at home and in society.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Coincidentally, Joe at Defend Us In Battle has just blogged about the vices of TV and the virtues associated with box set DVDs.  Good show, old boy.